”Laura is an influential, passionate and sincere voice in the sustainability debate"



My dream is a regenerative world where people thrive, do business consciously, lead with compassion and where our production is based on circularity and design inspired by nature. 

I have spent more than a decade creating and heading projects and organizations to help realize that goal. And I will continue to do so. I'm a Greenbiz 'Worldchanger' and a World economic Forum Young Global Leader.  I've created Sustainia and I currently give all my energy (besides family, friends and nature) to Regenerators Collective. And I have co-authored this book on a new Leadership Paradigm geared for the 21st century.

I love bridging worlds and connecting dots. Silo-thinking is a thing of the past. Everything is interconnected. 

On my site you can get a glimpse of what I have created in the past, what I’m working on now, what I love to speak on and dive into my thoughts and ideas in my blog. 

And if you're keen on new ideas for changing the current status quo into a thriving world for people, planet and profit - go listen to my Podcast “Cracks of Light”. Or read the blogs over on Regenerators that feature thoughts from leading experts on a world build on regenerative principles. 



With my colleague Giles Hutchins I’ve co-authored a book on Regenerative Leadership - leadership geared for the 21st century.

The book explores a new way of leading and redesigning organizations and communities that is urgently needed. A way where prosperous organizations are also those that leave more value than they take, steering us towards a new regenerative era.

You will find the book packed with business cases, fascinating examples from nature’s living systems, insight from front-line pioneers and tools and techniques for leaders to succeed and thrive in the world of today.

“The world is changing fast and organizations are not keeping up with the pace of transformation.  This book invites leaders to catalyze the necessary regeneration to not just catch up, but to lead the world into the 21st century.”

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary UNFCCC 2010-2016

“Giles and Laura bring their vast experience and deep wisdom of natural design and development to create an evolutionary blueprint for a sustainable future for business, people and the planet. An evolutionary blueprint for a sustainable future for business, people and the planet.”

Richard Barrett, President of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values

The Regenerators 

The Regenerators.co is a community of professionals dedicated to working together to re-design a world where purpose, people, planet and profit collectively thrive. I launched this as it's time we merge bio-inspired innovation, sustainability, circular economy with the way we live, lead and collaborate. 

I want a world built on regenerative principles. A world where we understand that everything in life is interconnected. A world where organizations, leadership, design, architecture and cities are inspired by the intelligence and wisdom of life and nature. A world where leaders dare to lead with compassion for people and planet and understand that this is the foundation for flourishing business and society.

Read our vision for the future and follow the journey!



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Are you ready for a Paradigm shift? 

The Cracks of Light Podcast uncovers ideas for a new thriving paradigm from some of the worlds leading thinkers. New leadership. New ideas. New business models. New systems. All stories represent the cracks of light of a new and better world where people, planet and prosperity collectively thrive. 









My TEDx-talk:

"How silence can lead us to a more sustainable world"

A new approach to sustainability 

My entire life I had worked hard for a mission I believed in with all of my heart. Like a passionate warrior I was out there talking about sustainable innovations, the circular economy and doing my best to make sustainability tangible and exciting. Only thing was... I did not know how to live sustainably from the inside out. Today I believe this is a prerequisite for us as a collective being able to transform our life on Earth to a regenerative thriving way of life. Watch the TEDx-talk here.