“Laura is an important speaker for a greener transition in Denmark and abroad. She is an inspiring change agent, goodcommunicator and eloquent speaker, which we have used with great success for our final conference” Lise-Lotte Schmidt-Kallesøe, Senior Project Manager, Gate21


“I have been working closely with Laura since the COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009. I have always been inspired by her vision of changing the sustainability narrative and approach to one that is exciting, inspiring and solutions-oriented. 

I saw first-hand how she master-minded the Sustainia world of activities and created a visionary platform with immense impact and global outreach. 

Laura has the vision, sincere passion, skills, dedication and courage needed to transform our societies – we need young brave leaders like Laura in this world. 

As a keynote speaker she has the ability to capture and inspire her audience – and she add that extra wow-factor."

Bjørn Kjærand Haugland, EVP & Chief Sustainability Officer, DNV GL


"I have a few words to say about Laura Storm. She is:

·       An influential, passionate and sincere voice in the sustainability debate 

·       Bold and innovative young leader – she’s not afraid to stand out and go her own way 

·       Captivates an audience and inspires people to listen 

·       Visionary, creative and has an innovative mindset 

·       Makes sustainability easy to understand – exciting even. Great storyteller 

·       Inspiring and Great stage presence 

·       A phenomenal Change maker 

She has inspired entrepreneurs to believe changing the world is possible"

BAWA JAIN, Secretary General, World Council of Religious Leaders

Laura is very knowledgable about all the many facets of sustainability, and her commitment allows her to connect with people in a authentic and personal way that is very unique.

Kristian Ruby, Executive Director Eurolectric


"In the capacity as CEO of Realdania I have had the privilege of becoming one of the co-founding fathers of Sustainia. In that capacity, I have learned to know Laura Storm.

Sustainia was the brainchild of Laura – a true visionary and extraordinary young leader. She and the team turned the vision from her book Guide to Sustainia into an exciting universe of activities and events that took place around the world. She is a change maker and at the same time pleasant to work with.

Sustainia quickly became a visible and an influential voice in the global sustainability agenda.

Laura combines an entrepreneurial and a visionary mind with a flair for strategy development, execution and the ability of leading teams and projects in a way that empowers people and ensure needed empowerment.

She has proven to be a bold, passionate, and innovative young leader – she’s not afraid to stand out or to break new ground.

She performs as an excellent storyteller and a great keynote speaker. She captivates an audience and make people listen. She is inspiring and has an exciting stage presence."

Flemming Borreskov, President & Founder, Catalytic Society

"Laura Storm was a huge success when she gave a keynote at A Sustainable Future in Malmø. She highlighted the perspective on how inner sustainability is a prerequisite for building thriving sustainable societies and systems. She touched several in the audience to tears and made us realize how a deeper integration of nature into our product, company, leadership and life design is key to building a thriving world. That we are nature. 

Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson, A Sustainable Tomorrow Conference 

"I met Laura when she led Sustainia. I saw her on a stage talking to 1400 people at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen and knew she was the perfect fit for our 2015 THINKSTEP Symposium, a large corporate leaders conference. Laura captivates the audience with her fresh and clear approach to telling stories. She makes a rather complex topic easy to grasp and understand. People listen, feel inspired, and empowered. We need bright and bold leaders like Laura to make sustainability exciting – and highly relevant for business success."

Christoph Wilfert, CEO ThinkStep


"Laura is a compassionate leader with a visionary mindset and a genuine conviction towards creating a more sustainable world. This was my experience from being managed by Laura in her role as CEO at Sustainia from 2012 to 2016. As the first employee at Sustainia, I saw first hand how Laura developed and lead the organization from the visionary idea presented in her book “Guide to Sustainia” to an established and influential organization with a truly global outreach and 25 employees.

Laura’s ability to create enthusiasm and sense of a common purpose in an organization is one of her greatest attributes as a leader. She exercises great empathy in the management of each employee and clear personal dedication to the vision. Moreover, I experienced Laura as an extremely competent sustainability professional with exceptional skills within partnership building and representation of the organization."

From a former Employee, Esben Alslund-Lanthén, Senior Analyst & Development Lead, Sustainia