Keynote Speaker on Leadership & Sustainability


I love getting the chance to inspire people on topics I'm passionate about. I draw on my decade-long experience of being a leader and entrepreneur within the field of climate change and sustainability.  


I speak within the spectrum of Leadership & Sustainability. These topics are my home-turf and my passion: 

  • Sustainable innovations and entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability communication and storytelling
  • The ‘Circular Economy’ and how to use this as a competitive advantage
  • The business case for sustainability
  • SDGs as a compass and guiding star for business leaders
  • The future of sustainable lifestyles
  • The required Leadership of the future
  • Inner sustainability - cultivating a sustainable lifestyle (See my TEDx talk on this)
  • Conscious + authentic leadership and business models
  • Millennials & Sustainability
  • How to foster a creative and innovative culture 
  • How employees and citizens can thrive through transformation processes (with my angle of sustainability transformation)
  • Leadership lessons learned the hard way: A personal story about what an accident and one year of almost complete solitude taught me about leadership and how we will never solve the most critical problems until we dare look within. Also did a Huffington Post blog on some of these lessons. And a TEDx talk on my journey. 

“She has proven to be a bold, passionate, and innovative young leader – she’s not afraid to stand out or to break new ground. She performs as an excellent storyteller and a great keynote speaker. She captivates an audience and make people listen. She is inspiring and has an exciting stage presence.”

- Flemming Borreskov, Former CEO of Realdania


”Laura is an influential, passionate and sincere voice in the sustainability debate. She is visionary, creative and has an innovative mindset”

Bawa Jain, Secretary General, World Council of Religious Leaders


See me in action

I have given numerous speeches and interviews the past decade – here are some of them:



Sustainable Brands Barcelona 2015

Lerchendal Conference in Trondheim 2015


Bergen Chamber of Commerce 2014 (4:00)

Interview for IFHP 2012

“Guide to Sustainia” book launch 2011



I have done everything from 10 minute inspirational input during industry seminars, to 20-minutes Ted-talk style in front of 1400 people, to more elaborate 1-hour sessions and workshops. Let me know what you dream of and we can talk it through.


Depends on the format and length so write me an email. But we all need to prioritize our time and efforts and therefore I do charge a speaking fee. 

Write me an email for enquiries about speaking: