EPISODE 1: Laura Storm - the Host of the Cracks of Light

The Dawn of A New Paradigm


Are you ready to co-create a new, exciting Paradigm for a world where people, planet and profit collectively thrive? Then welcome to the kick-start of the Cracks of Light Podcast series with your host Laura Storm.

Laura breaks down her views on the root cause of our current broken systems and structures, why we need a radical paradigm shift and what some of the key ingredients are in a new thriving paradigm. She addresses the need for the sustainability movement to reinvent itself, the importance of our connection with nature, why we must re-design for regeneration, learn to slow down, make head space for creativity and create balance between masculine and feminine qualities.

She's also advocating for the need to let go of our desire to fit in - as a new thriving paradigm will never succeed if we play by the rulebook of the current status quo. We need to put forward the positive, and inspiring ideas and people. The trailblazers. The Cracks of Light.


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  • Why we need a paradigm shift and an open discussion on what a new thriving paradigm entails 
  • Laura’s personal journey as a young leader in the field of sustainable development – and what has led her to focus on the inspiring, positive solutions and ideas
  • What the sustainability movement needs to succeed and reinvent itself
  • Why we need a holistic approach to solving the current challenges in our world - and why that has to include a strong inner connection 
  • The importance of leaders learning to tap into a greater magnificent potential we all have inside of us if we dare to slow down and listen instead of losing ourselves in a high-paced hectic lifestyle


  • The healing powers of nature and how it increases productivity and well-being
  • How the medieval witch hunts and oppression of women and nature has led to our current hyper-masculine society
  • How a traumatic brain injury changed Laura’s perception on where we need to focus to transform and create sustainable societies.



"We need to start a discussion where we have permission to talk about how we feel and realize that we can never succeed building thriving, vibrant, sustainable societies if the people that are leading the efforts are in a constant state of stress."

"If we are to create a regenerative society – we need to create a regenerative lifestyle. They go hand in hand"


"The sustainability movement has been way too focused on the technologies, the solutions, the political agreements, the financial schemes etc. And, although they are INCREDIBLY important, we have forgotten that this is also an emotional issue. It’s about how we feel and are on this planet. "



Laura Storm is an experienced thought-leader in the field of sustainability. She has dedicated her entire professional career to making global companies and organizations aware of the benefits of improved sustainability practice, helping global sustainable solutions succeed, and making the sustainability agenda more attractive. She is driven by a strong passion for improving the state of our societies and consciousness and helping in the push for a sustainable transition.

Laura is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and in 2013 Laura was awarded the Global Greenbiz’ “Worldchanger” Award. She has also been selected to join the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network as an expert in sustainable development and climate change and serves as an Advisory Board member on the WEF 'Shaping the Future of Urban Development and Services Initiative'. 

Among projects and organizations that Laura has headed and helped initiate are the Copenhagen Climate Council, the World Business Summit on Climate Change, Project Green Light, and Sustainia. All with a strong commitment to combat climate change and transform our societies towards sustainability. Laura’s results are a testament to how her work is making a real difference for millions all over the world.