EPISODE 2: Giles Hutchins

Bringing Heart, Soul and Nature into the Business World


Giles is the businessman of the future we've all been waiting for. His approach to life and work is truly a crack of light in today’s world and therefore he had to be the first guest on the Cracks of Light Podcast. Reading his books resonated with me on such a deep level I was often in tears. His thoughts represent the courageous new ideas we need on our quest to change the current paradigm from hurting both the people and our planet to instead optimize and regenerate.

Giles was very successful in the corporate world, working as a management consultant for KPMG. But he always wondered: "How can I apply these learnings to the things I really care about and when?"

Listen to his fascinating journey from a high-paced, rational business-career in London to a heart-filled, rich life close to nature in the countryside of Devon.




• Why he left a successful career to follow the whispers of his heart, surrendering to uncertainty

• What humans and organizations can learn from nature

• How Shamanic and indigenous approaches to life are relevant in today's business world

• How organizations can become thriving, resilient, vibrant and future-fit

• The role of spiritual intelligence and intuition in the business world


• How we have become separate from nature and ourselves and how to re-establish that connection

• How we can open up to who we truly are and bring this into the business world

• How nature affects our psychology

• How to incorporate wellbeing into the leadership narrative

• How to embrace uncertainty and vulnerability

• Key Leadership traits of the future




"When he (David Attenborough) said: "The Time is Now" it really spoke to me because I was kind of waiting. I was kind of thinking: "How long do I wait? How long do I learn? Do I wait until I become CEO of an organization? What do I do?" When he spoke it felt like NOW IS THE TIME. And so I started to change."


"This is essentially about good business sense. Organizations with a living systems approach consistently outperform their mechanistic counterparts. This isn't about being soft and fluffy - this is about opening up to how life really is and becoming wiser and more effective as a result".



Giles Hutchins is a visionary thought leader, speaker and adviser on the future of business. Previously, Global Sustainability Director for Atos, and business transformation specialist with KPMG, he has helped transform a wide range of organizations (corporate, third sector, public sector and start-up) and is author of the books The Nature of Business and The Illusion of Separation. He advises many forward-thinking organisations, has been interviewed by the BBC, and writes for a number of global networks. His latest book is Future Fit, watch a short 3 minute video about it here. Giles Hutchins blogs at www.thenatureofbusiness.org and is Chairman of The Future Fit Leadership Academy www.ffla.co