EPISODE 3: Peggy Liu

Dare To Bring Your Magic


Peggy is the daughter of Chinese immigrants and was born and raised in the US. She graduated from MIT, started one of the earliest ecommerce companies in Silicon Valley and a venture capital firm in Shanghai. A decade ago a new calling led her to start a Chinese NGO named JUCCCE. JUCCCE works with business leaders and government officials at the heart of the greening of China.

Peggy is a kick-ass female leader who dares show up in the world to speak her truth. Buckle up for a fascinating conversation on everything from behavior-change, the power of story-telling and visualizing, the environmental progress in China, women empowerment, her own personal transformation, love, ego, the concept of Qi ….and so much more.



·  The positive developments in the environmental movement in China and how Peggy helped introduce the concept of smart grids and how she trains Mayors to build eco-cities

·  Using intuition in decision-making and using visual story-telling to create change and manifest concepts into reality

·  A radical new concept of life-force-design combining wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western design

·  A revolutionary insight into the power QI and how Peggy has recently started sharing her knowledge as a 20th generation Qi master in her keynotes and interviews



·  How to raise consciousness in regular dialogue and meetings

·  Her thoughts on how the entire planet is currently awakening and people are stepping up in unusual ways

·  Why women are uniquely suited to manage disruption and lead the transformation of humanity




“Making change is super addictive. It’s essentially a dopamine hit. It’s like drugs. So when you do it once you’re like “I gotta do this again””.

 “What I’ve learnt is that the highest level of personal happiness, personal fulfillment, is to be of service to others”

 “People are awakening all around the world at the same time. Especially in the last year. Because something is happening. The entire Earth is awakening”.



Peggy is a Distinguished Professor at China Academy of Governance, a lecturer at China Executive Leadership Academy of Pudong, and the National Academy for Mayors of China. She is a board member or on non-exec advisory committees of Project DrawdownEAT ForumHillary Institute, FTSE Environmental Markets Committee. She previously served on advisory committees for Marks & Spencer, HP, World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils on Sustainable Consumption, WEF GAC on New Energy Architecture, Clinton Global Initiative. She is a recurring judge for The Circulars at Davos (circular economy) and the Hult Prize (social entrepreneurship at college level). She is a consultant on market entry into China to companies such as Duke Energy and governments such as New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and consults on sustainable market innovation for companies such as Unilever and Danone. Peggy has been named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Foreign Policy's shaper of US-China relations, the Hillary Step for climate change solutions, a Time Magazine Hero of the Environment, one of China’s top 50 innovative business leaders by China Business News Weekly.


Prior to JUCCCE, she was a venture capitalist, an Internet pioneer in Silicon Valley heading one of the earliest e-commerce companies, a management consultant at McKinsey, a software product manager and a developer. She is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, in Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.