EPISODE 7: Peta Kelly

Radical Alignment is Success 2.0



Peta is a paradigm-shifting leader that truly believes we can eradicate poverty and redesign for sustainability as all the solutions are there. The money is there. The wisdom and intelligence is there. Peta brings the energized optimism we all need to dare blaze the new needed trails towards a thriving paradigm. 

Peta teaches the new way to live, lead, earn and give and what excites her the most is bringing her brilliant, badass generation together as one team and one family so that we can gift our planet and our kiddies an environment where they can thrive. Peta is an angel gifter and a silent investor, and thrives on expanding the cycle of abundance and contribution, especially when it allows young people to kick ass in their endeavours.

In this episode we explore how we can all take small steps to help bring forth a new thriving paradigm, how to live in alignment with your souls calling, why play is so powerful, what is so special about the millennial generation, why your vibration is key, what success really means and so much more. Don’t miss the voice of this game-changing millennial leader. 




  • What is the most efficient way of saving the planet? 
  • Why are your energy, compassion, vibration relevant for the new generation of change makers? 
  • Why is play such a powerful component of a thriving life? 
  • How do you live in alignment with your souls true calling?
  • How are we truly thriving? Why is a successful life not all about the action and the doing? 


  • How do you get into alignment? When do you know when you’re in misalignment? 
  • How can you access your creativity and life force? 
  • What is so special about the millennial generation and why are they so often misunderstood? 
  • What are the small but essential steps to build a thriving sustainable world? 
  • What are the benefits of slowing down when you’re eager to make change happen quickly? 




“The underpinning message of the new way to live, lead, earn and give is that our action is critical for taking our turn to change the world – succeeding all of these endeavours to things better and more sustainable, helping more people in the world thrive, but we cannot do it at the mercy of our own vibration so for me our upgraded action and our upgraded vibration is how we are gonna live in harmony with mother earth and each other"

"We often prioritize what we think is success rather than the feeling of success…. Regardless of what the world is telling you about success what is in alignment with me, my heart, my mission, my soul? And how can I honour that even when the world is requesting, demanding and expecting and projecting on to you their own idea of success? When we take responsibility for that and move from there we become successful out here as well. It’s soul vs ego."

"We’re often kinking our hose with misaligned business partnerships, misaligned practices, misaligned methods that don’t feel good anymore. When we can really focus on alignment, which takes courage – it really does – then we can access our life-force and raise our vibration"  




About Peta Kelly   

Peta Kelly's most favourite title is HUMAN AF. She is a conscious entrepreneur, author, speaker and philanthropist. She was recently featured in Forbes Magazine and was just ranked by Inc Magazine in the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs changing the world. 

She’s is an unbridled soul and barefoot bandit on a mission to unleash the jeaniius of GenY’s globally. She dropped being a PhD science nerd at the age of 22 and went on the pursuit of that ‘thing’ that was calling her higher. That's when she found her first business pursuit in network marketing and she became a 7 figure a year earner in Isagenix by the age of 26. Her network marketing journey led her to her bigger, more global, soul work and now she’s building a global enterprise, Jeaniius - a global hub of nakedly brilliant people, mobilized to create change for our planet through conscious enterprise and magical collaborations. 

Peta speaks on global stages, barefoot, to tens of thousands of people, and to millions through her various platforms, sharing visionary messages of conscious living to move hearts and minds to what’s possible. 

Self-described as an alien, a “vessel” for what needs to flow through her, Peta is the creator of The New Way Live, Jeaniius and The Supercharged and she’s got her first book on the way in early 2018.Peta was recently featured on The Rise Up movie with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Danielle LaPorte, Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, The Dalai Lama and more. 

She's a new Mum to her beautiful daughter Sol and has now found a new supersized passion for empowering women to create a beautiful pregnancy and birth experience.