project green light

Project Green Light was founded in the aftermath of a disappointing political outcome of COP15 in 2009. It was an alliance of 16 multinational companies, 6 organizations and a handful of the best communication experts within climate change who joined forces with the objective of improving the way we communicate about climate change and sustainability.

I headed and designed the project and my goal was to revitalize an agenda I cared so deeply about by making the narrative inspiring, engaging, attractive and appealing.

Here are some of the outcomes of the project:

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A New Language

During a range of expert workshops and seminars the Project Green Light developed 9 principles for successful communication on climate change and sustainability + identified key barriers. The principles were widely distributed via our partnernetwork with the objective of making the narrative more inspiring. They also became the founding principles of the Sustainia Way of Communication Sustainability - see more in the Guide to Sustainia chapter on language or read the principles in full here


The Partners Behind the Project:

Corporations: General Electric, Microsoft, DONG Energy, CISCO, DNV, Philips Lighting, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Knoll, Tetra Pak, VELUX, InterfaceFLOR, IKEA, Velux, Vestas, BIG and Futerra.

NGO’s and organizations: WWF Earth Hour, Climate Group, Green Growth Leaders, Centre for Social markets, Chinadialogue, Realdania


An Animation Series

In collaboration with people from Pixar and Disney we developed a unique and fun approach to communicate about sustainable solutions: "The Mission: Sustainia". The Animation Series is following a professor and his assistant exploring “Sustainia” and the different technologies and way of life. Through them we get to investigate sustainable technologies using humor and storytelling. All Artwork is developed by David Tart

The Professor testing out solutions he has collected on his journey to Sustainia

The Professor testing out solutions he has collected on his journey to Sustainia

The Artwork of the Professor and his Assistant 

The Artwork of the Professor and his Assistant 


A Guide to a Sustainable Future

The book “Guide to Sustainia” was developed in the Project Green Light as one of the established goals of the project was to design and visualize a vision for our societies in 10 years’ time. Make the notion of sustainability and sustainable living easier to grasp and relate to. Provide people with a positive an aspiring vision while reducing complexity. The Guide to Sustainia describes a documented and fact based vision of what a sustainable world would look like and be like to live in. The success of the concept kickstarted the development of the Sustainia organization. You can download the "Guide to Sustainia" here.