My bio 

Laura Storm is an experienced international keynote speaker and thougthleader within sustainability. She has dedicated her entire professional career to make global companies and organizations aware of the benefits of improved sustainability practice, help global sustainable solutions scale and making the sustainability agenda more attractive. She is driven by a strong passion of improving the state of our societies and consciousness and help push for a sustainable transition.

Among projects and organistions Laura has headed and helped initiate include the Copenhagen Climate Council, the World Business Summit on Climate Change, Project Green Light and Sustainia. All with a strong commitment to combat climate change and transform our societies to sustainability. Her results are a testament to how her work are making a real difference.

Under Laura's leadership Sustainia became a global mega-brand within sustainability with an outreach to more than 200 million people, a database of 4000 sustainable solutions, multiple state-of-the art publications and thought leadership and a unique partner network. Global organizations are still to this day pointing towards Sustainia as a guiding star for communicating sustainability, business schools and universities have implemented Sustainia’s publications in their curriculums and the Sustainia100 solutions are used all over the world to exemplify sustainable business models.

Laura is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and in 2013 Laura was awarded Greenbiz “Worldchanger” Award.

Laura holds a Master in Political Communication and Leadership, Copenhagen Business School.

She lives in Copenhagen with her man Ulrik and their amazing daughter Roxie born in 2013.